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In 1976 Setsuko Yonekubo temporarily took over as lead designer for Hello Kitty, after Shimizu left Sanrio. In 1980 Yuko Yamaguchi became lead designer and has remained in charge since.[24] Yamaguchi has said that fashion, movies, and TV inspire her in creating new designs. New series involving Hello Kitty with different themed designs are released regularly, following current trends.[9][17]

Hello Movie Download 720p Movie

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Who says back-end programscan't be interactive? 0:00 In this program, we'll learn differentways to give input and output with Node. 0:03 One way we can do thisis by using the REPL. 0:08 This stands for read-evaluate-print loop. 0:10 The REPL is an interactive programmingenvironment that can read our input, 0:13 evaluate its meaning, print out feedback,and loop over this process as needed. 0:18 Node can function as a REPLwith a single command. 0:24 Node is terminal based, so open up yourterminal to try out the Node REPL. 0:27 If you're using workspaces,Node will already be installed. 0:32 We'll type Node, a caret orgreater than symbol should appear. 0:36 And now you can write JavaScript codethat Node will interpret and respond to. 0:41 Remember, JavaScript hasthe ability to do math. 0:46 We can enter an equation in the REPL andget our answer. 0:49 Let's try something really hard. 0:53 2 + 2,Node already knows that the answer is 4. 0:57 We can also define variables. 1:02 Use let favoriteMovie, 1:04 make sure I use proper camelCase, 1:08 I'm gonna type in favoriteMovie again,I get the value 'lionKing'. 1:19 We don't have a DOM to work with. 1:24 But remember those host objects. 1:26 Node has host objects including itsown version of the console object. 1:29 We can console.log,our favorite movie variable, 1:34 and it prints out the value lionKingto the console or terminal. 1:44 Input and output like this shows ussome of the capabilities of Node. 1:49 But one thing that makes Node great isits ability to run programs in JavaScript files. 1:53 With Node we can execute a program usingthe node command followed by the name of 1:59 the program. 2:04 Let's create a directorywith the mkdir keyword. 2:06 And we should probably first exitthe REPL, by pressing Ctrl + C twice. 2:13 Now again, we'll createa directory named nodePractice. 2:24 Change into that directory. 2:31 And we'll open up visual studiocode to start writing our files. 2:38 We'll create an app.js file. 2:43 And inside the file,we'll type console.log. 2:48 Our favorite programming phrase,("Hello World") and save. 2:58 Back in the console,you can type node app.js, 3:05 and Hello World is printedout to the console. 3:10 Node can do a lot more than justprint messages to the screen. 3:15 You've just learned two ways we can useNode to work with JavaScript outside of 3:18 the browser. 3:22 And this is a tiny sample ofwhat Node is capable of doing. 3:23 We'll learn about more taskslike connecting to an API, and 3:26 retrieving useful informationin the next steps. 3:29


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