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Medal Of Honor Warfighter VERIFIED

Honor of War: Fightermedal has none. It tries. There's a sniper mission, where you take out enemies while accounting for bullet drop. There's a couple of sections where you drive a remote-control robot with a machinegun attached. There's mounted gun turret sections, on a helicopter and a boat. You get to steer the boat at one point and, in the closest the game comes to a unique experience, there are a few driving sections. The best of the latter has you dodging enemy patrols by pulling into lay-bys. It's a nice idea.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

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Otherwise, the multiplayer is held together by the same systems of points and medals and unlocks as established by every other game of this type. I haven't had time before writing this review to advance very far in these systems, so we'll revisit the multiplayer at a later date. Assuming that there's anyone else still playing, that is; the servers are already worryingly quiet.

Now, before you tell us the war in Afghanistan isn't like this, then answer us this: why are there guys in a COP on a mountainside going a month without a shower and eating frozen corndogs (exclusively) for a week straight when fifty miles away they're having surf & turf every Friday night on the FOB, eleven years into a war? Why are they running in formation with reflective belts on, in a war zone? Why are morale snipers still allowed to steal the oxygen of legitimate warfighters, and why in the name of Chesty Puller's Magnificent Square Jaw are they running PT formations in reflective clothing in a combat zone?

In a year that includes a Dishonored, the ludicrous nature of its enforced paths and complete lack of genuine interaction is further highlighted for what it is: a ghost train without any surprises. It often looks good, and when it's not screwing up you can engage in extended moments of popping heads in that satisfying target practice way. But then it interrupts itself with its uber-clumsy story, unearned preaching, and glitch-infested AI. It's not hateful - it's just boring. 041b061a72


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