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The Ultimate Star Wars Experience in Company of Heroes - Download Star Wars Frontlines Mod Today

Today we'#039ve got a quick progress video going over what'#039s left for the first release of Fall of the Republic! The short version is that units ans heroes are basically done, and the primary work is in UI edits and galactic conquest/story elements. We'#039re hoping to start the beta on October 31st. For more in-depth breakdowns, see the video....

June 6th (or 8th, depending on how you want to classify things) marks the 13th anniversary of Thrawn'#039s Revenge! Today we'#039re going to be talking about the next release of Imperial Civil War, the 1.0 version of which came out way back in 2010, but first I'#039d like to thank everyone who'#039s supported the mod over the last 13 years. Some people may have come more recently to the mod, and I know there'#039s still some out there who'#039ve followed since basically day one, but either way, we appreciate you all! I also personally want to thank the other members of the Thrawn'#039s Revenge team. Some of whom, similarly, have been around for a short time and some since the first months of development. The mod wouldn'#039t be anywhere near where it is today without all of your contributions, and it'#039s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with this team for so long. That current lineup between all of our projects, in order they appear on Discord while I'#039m writing this, is Benjin, Slevered, Valerie, Pox, OzWolf, Slornie, Caesar'#039s Legion, ConnerJB, David, DarkJedi, Hexodus, evilbobthebob, Inertial, Revanchist, Max, Jorritkarwehr, Kalo, MrPuertorican, and Rogue. Also a shout out to those who'#039ve been on the team in the past but since moved on (most of whom still just hang out in the team Discord anyways). As the title says, though, this news post is about the upcoming beta for 2.3. In this news post, we'#039re going to outline what 2.3 contains, a little bit of what'#039s next, and how the beta process is going to work (with some rough release dates). On Thursday at 5pm EST I'#039ll also be doing a livestream with some testing and answering questions during the last phases of beta prep, which you'#039ll be able to watch at . The Video will be available right after. We'#039ll also have the 2nd and 3rd part of this anniversary news post covering Ascendancy and Fall of the Republic respectively this month.Imperial Civil War 2.3The main goals of 2.3 were to clean up some elements of 2.2, while also putting down the ground work (haha) for some changes that we'#039re starting to flesh out in 2.4. The first steps of our ground reworks have been implemented, changing how a lot of squad sizes work, infantry loadouts, unit ranges, movement changes, and plenty of other changes and stat tweaks (MMTs shouldn'#039t be shredding everything quite as much, for example) as we build up to completely redo projectiles and armour/damage modifiers on ground and in space for 2.4. We have some major ground mechanic changes in discussion on top of that which we'#039ll be starting to experiment with in 2.4. There'#039s also been the start of some economic and planetary development changes, built around helping to slow down snowballing and nerfing blitzing strategies to allow longer campaigns to remain interesting, including the introduction of the local planetary capital/garrison buildings (major government features to come). But, here'#039s a non-exhaustive list of 2.3'#039s changes.New playable faction: Corporate Sector AuthorityThe CSA has been upgraded from non-playable to playable, and can be found in every progressive Galactic Conquest along with a couple era specific ones, and has their own From the Ground Up setup as well. Because of game limitations where we can only safely have 17 faction slots (including non-playables, and some coded factions like neutral that are more functionality things), we'#039ve had to downgrade the Yevetha from playable to non-playable and group them with the Independent Forces faction that represents a lot of the much smaller groups, since their slot is best used for some other more unique, less Imperial-clone factions we'#039ve spoken about in other news posts (some playable, some not).New Mechanic: Era SelectionOn top of some script cleanup to flesh out the era changes a bit more and eliminate some bugs, we'#039ve added the option to select which era you start in for Galactic Conquests, adjusting starting points accordingly. In the future, we'#039ll have evrsions of the maps which allow you to choose starting eras while keeping more even starting territory (so you can play the New Republic with era 5 ships, but without starting with more territory). Obviously, since some factions didn'#039t exist for the whole timeline, some factions will not be able to start in later eras.AI UpdatesWe'#039ve already done a whole news post about this, so I won'#039t cover it too much here, but we'#039ve also done some pretty significant changes for galactic and tactical game modes, including three new difficulty settings using the Cruel AI modifiers.New Galaxy ArtWe'#039ve modified Lord Enpremi'#039s galaxy model and shader setup to fit the mod'#039s aesthetic, so that'#039s what you'#039ll be seeing when you'#039re conquering or liberating worlds.Tactical MapsOn top of a bunch of new maps, including some shared with Phoenix Rising (another great mod developed by our own evilbobthebob), most existing tactical maps have had a series of updates and fixes. New UnitsVigil, Victory II Frigate (like in Battlefront II), Imperial II Frigate (Rand Ecliptic), TIE Punisher, Jumpmaster (Dengar'#039s Punishing One), Bulwark I, Bulwark III, Citadel, Invincible Cruiser, Recusant, Mankvim Interceptors, IRD &amp IRD-A, Gozanti, PX-4 Mobile Command Base, T-Wing, Espo Soldiers, Strikebreakers, JX40 Jailspeeders, Airskimmers, GX20 Hovervans, A-A5 Speeder Trucks, K-222 Aero Interceptors, Persuader (Snail Tank), Espo Walker, BattledroidsRedone ModelsPraetor II, Munificent, Dreadnaught, Nebula, Endurance, Secutor, Procursator, Gladiator, Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, Juggernaut, TIE CrawlerAnd plenty of other small changes. nbspSo, now you'#039re probably wondering how and when you can play it. The beta will be proceeding in three phases, allowing us to open it to progressively more people while keeping the testing pool a manageable size. nbsp This time, we'#039ll be handling the testing process through our Discord server, which can be found here: IThe first phase will be, fittingly, the most limited pool of people, where we'#039ll hopefully be able to quickly nail down an idea of where the biggest rough edges that we'#039ve lost track of are. We try to keep this as limited as possible, because it'#039s the phase where bugs or unfinished content are going to be easiest to find and fix, and we'#039d rather deal with the actual work than spend all the time managing tech support for people. This phase will include directly selected people based on the Save Crash Taskforce from 2.2 where we had a set of volunteers tracking specific bugs, and we'#039ll be pulling in other people from the Discord as needed. This phase will start Thursday June 13th.Phase IIBy this point the obvious rough edges will hopefully be found and sorted, and we'#039ll be able to expand the pool a bit to find the more hidden issues. This testing pool will be run from the Admiral'#039s Lounge on the server, which is available to everyone with the rank of Rear Admiral and above, from the experience system based on activity. Spamming for experience will not be tolerated- spammers will be banned from the beta, or the server as a whole. We'#039re doing this for actual feedback and people who decide to actively make our lives more difficult just so they can play a bit earlier are not the kind of people we expect it'#039ll be productive to work with on that. The tentative date for this to start is Thursday, June 28th. If things go really well or really poorly in Phase I, that could be pushed up or back as needed.Phase IIIAfter Phase II has gone on for a bit, we should be ready to expand to the final phase of the beta, at which point it'#039ll be available to everyone on the server. Assuming everything goes smoothly, this should give us a final 2.3 release date, when it'#039ll be pushed to the Workshop, ofThursday, July 11thKeep in mind, this is all tentative and can change however it needs to based on scheduling, what bugs come up, family emergencies, unexpected dance recitals, or any other factor. Then, after we'#039ve had enough feedback to catch initial problems and apply patches, we'#039ll work on compiling a version for download from ModDB for other game versions. nbsp Throughout 2.4'#039s development, we'#039ll be able to push automatic workshop updates for the Steam copy as we go, but more details on that later. Hope you g...

company of heroes star wars mod download

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Galaxy of Heroes allows players to collect Star Wars characters from both the main canonical universe established after Lucasfilm was acquired by The Walt Disney Company and the Legends-canon Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, create teams with them, and use them to fight in turn-based battles. There are multiple ways to collect characters: some are given to players immediately, whereas others are gained via game play or as in-game rewards in the form of shards that are earned by players to unlock and or promote their characters. Shards can either be earned from battles or bought from a shop. Maximizing one non-event character's rarity to seven stars unlocks a special shop in which excess shards from seven-star non-event heroes can be exchanged for gear. The shard amount needed for the character to be unlocked will also correspond to their starting star level, which can range from one to seven stars. Characters can be promoted to a max of seven stars with each additional star increasing their power. There are also training droids that can provide varying levels of experience points to level up characters. Gear, mods, and ability parts can all upgrade characters, although some gear can primarily be won only from battles for one particular side of the Force, to encourage players to play on both sides. The maximum level cap in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is 85, which was changed from the previous level cap of 80 (previously 70). The maximum gear level is gear 13; beyond this, characters improve their "Mastery" with Relic Amplifiers, which have a maximum of level 9 (previously 8). Players level up their user level by gaining experience by completing daily quests or completing battles. The main currencies of the game are "credits" and "crystals". Credits can be used to train a hero, buy things from the store, obtain a hero when you have enough shards or promote a hero's star rarity. Crystals can be used to buy packs from the store, buy credits, acquire character shards, and energy and arena attempt refreshes. Crystals can be bought with money or can be earned as rewards from arena and daily challenges.


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