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Where To Buy Odour Buster Cat Litter

Odour Buster Eucalyptus Multi-Cat Cat Litter is an advanced eucalyptus-scented formula made with a combination of Odour Buster's signature ingredients and all-natural bentonite clay for an odourless, quick clumping, minimal dust and litter tracking. Initially formulated for use in absorbing a variety of liquids in various industries, this litter is effective and perfect to use in a multi-cat home.

where to buy odour buster cat litter


Odour Buster Multi-Cat is the best clay litter on the market. It has the most dust-free and odour-free unsecent litter we have seen. On top of this they are a Canadian brand with clay which is responsobily mined from Wyoming. To learn more please click here. We know there are issues with clay and have chosen Odour Busters to be the only brand we carry.

The top two litters in each heat went on to the next phase. Each one was poured into a litter pan for the cats to use for anywhere from one to four weeks to test for odor control and tracking. Litters that were tested for two weeks or less were those that my cats refused to use or those we tested prior to receiving the bulk of the litters for this guide. For each litter, I considered the following qualities:

Ultimately, the superiority of one style of natural litter over another comes down to a cat's individual preference. "I try to encourage owners to choose one litter and stick with it through kitty's life because they are ultimately creatures of habit," said Satchu. "Any litter that will keep kitty going where they're supposed to be going is a good litter in my book."

No tracking Multi-cat Superior dedusting Extra-hard clumps Perfume freeOdour Buster Multi-Cat is an ultra premium, clumping cat litter made from superior-quality clay. It is a most technologically advanced formula yet!Thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques and an exclusive odour eliminating recipe, Odour Buster Multi-Cat is the most dust-free and odour-free cat litter on the market. Odour Buster Multi-Cat creates extra-hard clumps quickly that are easy to scoop. Because the clumps don't break apart, the remaining litter stays clean and odour-free.It's perfect for use in litter boxes that have lots of traffic!

After trying several litters, I like this one best. The dust is low and manageable. There is no scent added, which makes both my cat and I happy. It is easy to scoop and easily available where I live. They had problems in their supply chain about a year ago, but once that was fixed, we've had no more problems.

I've tried many brands of litter and so far Odour Buster is by far my favourite. It's unscented and not too dusty. My cat loves it. I have a litter box in my bedroom so having scented litter was overpowering. I've tried several different unscented litters but they still had a strong ammonia smell. I have not had that issue at all with Odour Buster.I purchase the bags at Pet Valu and was told by the clerk there is a rewards program as well where you buy 10 bags and the 11th is free. I'm uncertain if this is available at other stores but this is definitely a plus since it is pricier than some other brands. 041b061a72


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