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House Rules by Chloe Neill: A Paranormal Romance EPUB You Can't Miss

House Rules Chloe Neill Epub Download: A Guide for Paranormal Romance Fans

If you are a fan of paranormal romance, you might have heard of House Rules, the seventh book in the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill. This book is a thrilling and captivating story that follows the adventures of Merit, a vampire and Sentinel of Cadogan House, and her lover Ethan Sullivan, the Master of Cadogan House. In this article, we will tell you what House Rules is about, who are the main characters, what are the main themes, and how to download it in epub format. By the end of this article, you will be eager to read House Rules and join the world of Chicagoland Vampires.

House Rules Chloe Neill Epub Download

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What is House Rules by Chloe Neill?

House Rules is the seventh book in the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill, a bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. The series is set in a world where vampires have been publicly revealed to humans and live in organized groups called Houses. Each House has its own rules, traditions, and politics. The series follows Merit, a former graduate student who was turned into a vampire against her will and became the Sentinel of Cadogan House, one of the oldest and most powerful Houses in Chicago. As a Sentinel, Merit is responsible for protecting her House and its Master from any threats.

In House Rules, Merit and her lover Ethan Sullivan, the Master of Cadogan House, decide to break away from the corrupt and oppressive vampire governing body, the Greenwich Presidium (GP), and declare their independence. However, this decision comes with a price. They have to face the wrath of the GP, the hostility of other Houses, and the danger of a mysterious killer who is targeting vampires. Merit and Ethan have to work together to solve the mystery, fight for their freedom, and save their love.

Who are the main characters of House Rules?

The main characters of House Rules are Merit and Ethan Sullivan, but there are also many other characters who play important roles in the story. Here are some of them:

  • Merit: The protagonist and narrator of the series. She is a strong, smart, and loyal vampire who loves books, food, and fighting. She is the Sentinel of Cadogan House and Ethan's lover. She has a katana named Slayer that she uses to defend her House and her friends.

  • Ethan Sullivan: The Master of Cadogan House and Merit's lover. He is a centuries-old vampire who is handsome, arrogant, and charming. He has green eyes that change color according to his mood and a scar on his cheek that he got from Merit. He is a powerful leader who cares deeply for his House and his Sentinel.

  • Mallory Carmichael: Merit's best friend since college and a powerful sorceress. She is bubbly, witty, and fashionable. She is dating Catcher Bell, a former member of the Order, a secret organization that fights supernatural threats.

  • Catcher Bell: Mallory's boyfriend and Merit's mentor in magic. He is a tall, bald, and tattooed sorcerer who works as an investigator for the Ombudsman's office, a human-run agency that mediates between humans and supernaturals.

  • Jeff Christopher: A shapeshifter who works as a computer geek for the Ombudsman's office. He is a friendly and nerdy guy who has a crush on Merit's roommate, Lindsey.

  • Lindsey: A vampire and Merit's roommate at Cadogan House. She is a former flapper who loves fashion, gossip, and flirting. She is also a skilled fighter and a loyal friend.

  • Luc: The captain of the guards at Cadogan House and Ethan's right-hand man. He is a tough, loyal, and sarcastic vampire who has a soft spot for Merit.

  • Jonah: The captain of the guards at Grey House and Merit's partner in the Red Guard, a secret alliance of vampire Sentinels who work to protect the vampire community. He is a handsome, friendly, and respectful vampire who has a crush on Merit.

What are the main themes of House Rules?

House Rules explores many themes that are relevant to both the paranormal and the real world. Some of these themes are:

  • Independence and rebellion: The main theme of the book is the struggle of Cadogan House to break free from the GP and establish their own rules. The book shows the challenges and risks of rebelling against a powerful authority, as well as the benefits and rewards of being independent and self-reliant.

  • Loyalty and betrayal: Another theme of the book is the importance of loyalty and the consequences of betrayal. The book shows how loyalty can strengthen bonds, inspire courage, and foster trust, while betrayal can damage relationships, cause pain, and create enemies.

  • Love and sacrifice: A third theme of the book is the power of love and the willingness to sacrifice for it. The book shows how love can motivate actions, heal wounds, and overcome obstacles, while sacrifice can demonstrate devotion, honor, and nobility.

  • Identity and belonging: A fourth theme of the book is the search for identity and belonging in a complex and diverse world. The book shows how identity can be shaped by personal choices, social roles, and cultural backgrounds, while belonging can be found in family, friends, and community.

How to download House Rules by Chloe Neill in epub format?

If you are interested in reading House Rules by Chloe Neill, you might want to download it in epub format. Epub is a popular and widely supported format for digital books that can be read on various devices such as e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and computers. Epub files are also easy to store, transfer, and modify.

To download House Rules by Chloe Neill in epub format, you have several options. You can buy it from online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Apple Books. You can also borrow it from your local library or an online library service such as OverDrive or Libby. Alternatively, you can download it for free from some websites that offer free ebooks such as Project Gutenberg or Open Library. However, be careful when downloading from these sources as they might not have the legal rights to distribute the book or they might contain viruses or malware.

Once you have downloaded House Rules by Chloe Neill in epub format, you can enjoy reading it on your preferred device. You might need to install an app or software that can open epub files such as Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, or iBooks. You can also convert epub files to other formats such as PDF or MOBI using online tools such as Zamzar or CloudConvert.

Conclusion: Why House Rules is a must-read for paranormal romance fans

House Rules by Chloe Neill is a must-read for paranormal romance fans because it is a captivating and thrilling story that combines romance, action, mystery, and humor. It is part of a long-running and successful series that has won many awards and accolades from readers and critics alike. It features engaging and relatable characters that you will love to follow and root for. It explores interesting and relevant themes that will make you think and feel. And it offers an easy and convenient way to download it in epub format so you can read it anytime and anywhere.

```html and make you cheer for the heroes, then House Rules by Chloe Neill is the book for you. Don't miss this exciting and entertaining installment of the Chicagoland Vampires series and join the millions of fans who have fallen in love with this paranormal romance saga.


Here are some frequently asked questions about House Rules by Chloe Neill:



Do I need to read the previous books in the series before reading House Rules?

It is recommended that you read the previous books in the series before reading House Rules, as they provide important background information and character development. However, if you are new to the series, you can still enjoy House Rules as a standalone book, as it provides enough recap and explanation to follow the plot.

Is House Rules suitable for young readers?

House Rules is suitable for mature readers who enjoy paranormal romance and urban fantasy. It contains some violence, profanity, and sexual content that might not be appropriate for younger or sensitive readers.

How many books are there in the Chicagoland Vampires series?

There are 13 books in the main Chicagoland Vampires series, plus several novellas and short stories that complement the main storyline. The last book in the series is Blade Bound, which was published in 2017. There is also a spin-off series called Heirs of Chicagoland, which follows the next generation of vampires and supernaturals in Chicago.

Who is Chloe Neill?

Chloe Neill is a bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She was born and raised in the South, but now lives in Nebraska with her husband and their dogs. She loves to write stories that feature strong heroines, sexy heroes, and snarky humor. She is also the author of other popular series such as The Devil's Isle, The Dark Elite, and The Captain Kit Brightling.

Where can I find more information about House Rules and Chloe Neill?

You can find more information about House Rules and Chloe Neill on her official website: There you can find her biography, book list, news, events, excerpts, extras, and more. You can also follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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