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This Bitch Takes You To The Dark Side Of The Fo...

Considered to be one of the pioneering groups in what would become the heavy metal genre, the musicianship and force of this band has been hailed by critics and fans worldwide. Your pulse and body will pound as the music fills both your ears and eyes.

This bitch takes you to the dark side of the fo...


In the present day, the Autobots are still part of NEST, cooperating with the US Armed Forces. They have also begun to help humanity in its local conflicts, as Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Que, and Dino destroy an illegal Iranian nuclear facility. On a mission to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a NEST team led by Lt. Col. Lennox, Optimus Prime and Ratchet discovers an unknown alien fuel cell which had led to the Chernobyl disaster. While trying to secure the cell, they are attacked by the Decepticon Shockwave and his "pet", the Driller, who are eventually forced to retreat by Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, Laserbeak kills Alexi Voskhod, who had called NEST to Chernobyl and was secretly working for him. After securing the fuel cell and identifying it as part of the Ark, Optimus Prime is angry at the humans for not following through with their agreement of sharing all known information relating to Cybertron and its inhabitants. Despite this, he eventually informs his allies and Charlotte Mearing, the Director of National Intelligence, about the space bridge technology the Ark contains. Together with Ratchet, Optimus travels to the Moon, where they find Sentinel Prime inside the ship. Retrieving him along with four pillars of the space bridge and the accompanying control pillar, they return to Earth, where Optimus uses the Matrix of Leadership to reactivate Sentinel Prime. In Africa, Decepticon leader Megatron (still recovering from wounds suffered in Egypt) meets with his lieutenants Starscream and Soundwave. Upon learning that the Autobots have recovered Sentinel and the pillars, Megatron orders Soundwave and Laserbeak to terminate their "loose ends".

Meanwhile, Sentinel Prime has given Mankind an ultimatum to exile the Autobots from Earth, since he is only trying to save Cybertron, or so he claims. The US government promptly passes a bill to this effect. Before the Autobots leave Earth aboard their spaceship, the Xantium, Sam asks Optimus about his plan. Optimus replies that there is no plan, and Mankind is on its own now. With all Autobots on board, the Xantium takes off, but is promptly intercepted by Starscream, who had waited in Earth's orbit. With the Xantium destroyed, the Decepticons believe the Autobots to be dead and let Sam go.

Optimus Prime then confronts Sentinel Prime and the two engage in a ferocious battle of Student vs Master. Carly stumbles across Megatron outside the main battle zone. Having previously witnessed a violent argument between Sentinel Prime and Megatron, she appeals to his pride and makes him realize that he will never be able to rule over Cybertron as long as Sentinel is alive. Meanwhile, after a long fight, Sentinel gains the upper hand over Optimus and severs his right arm. However, before he can execute his former pupil, an infuriated Megatron attacks Sentinel and severely damages him, declaring that Earth is his planet to rule. Megatron realized how far he had fallen in power within the past few years, and has decided to once again take his rightful place at the top of the command chain. Meanwhile, Dylan manages to reactivate the toppled pillar, but is attacked by Sam, who hurls him against the pillar, killing him. Subsequently, Bumblebee destroys the pillar for good, thus destroying the space bridge and, presumably, Cybertron with it. Seeing this, Megatron half-heartedly offers Optimus Prime a truce on the condition that he will remain in charge of the Decepticons, mockingly saying that they would be nothing without each other. Realizing that the offer is less than sincere, Optimus refuses and attacks Megatron, decapitating him with an axe. The weakened Sentinel Prime tries to excuse his actions, but Optimus, claiming Sentinel "betrayed himself," executes the treacherous Prime with Megatron's shotgun.

Two accidents happened during shooting: In September 2010, while shooting in East Chicago, Indiana, a female extra was severely injured when a stunt scene went wrong, leaving her with permanent brain damage, the left side of her body paralyzed and her left eye stitched shut. Paramount was subsequently sued for damages by the victim's family.[45] She was eventually granted an $18.5 million settlement in May 2012.[46] As a consequence, part of the scene of the car chase battle in Washington, D.C. (which would have included the shoot that had led to the accident) was instead "borrowed" from Michael Bay's 2005 film The Island.[47] While shooting in Washington, D.C., in October 2010, one of the Chevrolet Camaro prop cars that served as Bumblebee's alternate mode crashed into a Metropolitan Police SUV. Nobody was seriously injured this time, though Bumblebee sustained severe front-end damage.[48] Hasbro would later "commemorate" this latter event with the Toys"R"Us exclusive Cyberverse "Cybertronian Warriors Pack". Fans, meanwhile, joked that the SUV was Barricade getting revenge.

Ron pushed his way in, too, Chip said, after which he heard Brenda say, "'I knew it was going to come to this.'" Ron called her a bitch and a liar, and Chip said he heard Brenda screaming, "Don't hurt my baby! Please don't hurt my baby!"

While Travis displays crude, punkish and immature behavior, and is especially cruel toward the male assassins he fights, he displays normal and decent behavior whenever he isn't on the job. Travis is relatively calm about killing people and has been shown to be sexually stimulated by it in Desperate Struggle. In his starting days of the first No More Heroes, killing women made him feel uncomfortable until Holly Summers told him that all assassins, no matter what gender, must die when they lose. He is capable of being touched by people's emotional and personal experiences, seeing that he didn't seem entirely settled after killing Dr. Peace, whose daughter was estranged from him, and with Margaret Moonlight, where he fulfilled her dying wish by remembering her song. Travis also has a certain amount of honor and respect for people he believes to be "true warriors" as he tries to spare the assassin Ryuji in Desperate Struggle, and soon shows a great deal of his humanity after the death of Alice Twilight, weary of the arranged manslaughter he accidentally promoted and by the various corporations that took advantage of it. Touchdown is very driven to prove himself, is shown to be highly intelligent and a quick learner, and can be surprisingly witty and even poetic. Travis takes his friendships very seriously as well, as evidenced by his quest to avenge the murder of Bishop Shidux, after which he seems to learn something about the repercussions that death has on others aside from the one being killed. Travis only ever removes his aviator glasses on-screen once, when he has sex with Sylvia Christel.

He is able to activate "Dark Side" mode by lining up three symbols in a slot machine after executing a Death Blow or a Wrestling Throw. Travis calls out the name of the attack and activates whatever trance of Dark side the slots picked. Each trance of Dark Side Mode releases energy that fully recharges Travis' katana and imbues Travis with superhuman speed and invincibility as well as the specific powers of each Trance. These powers include slowing down time, entering a dark rage that induces fear and doubles his strength, Shooting yellow balls of pure energy similar to a Ki blast, Transforming into a Super Saiyan like state that turns his hair yellow and allows him to run extra fast while super-charging his katana to kill any opponent instantly with one blow, Raining down explosive blasts of pink energy all around him clearing the field of enemies, Shape shifting into a Tiger able to one shot opponents much like his Super Saiyan transformation, and releasing a massive wave of pink energy all around him that clears the field of enemies. He is also able to manually activate an unnamed Darkside sometimes known as Super Mode or Ecstasy by fans. Travis gains speeds so intense that he teleports all around his enemies slashing them in an unbroken infinite combo that follows targets even when they themselves teleport away. This is theorized to be the missing attack called Nut berry Milk Blancmange revealed to be the name of the signature move of Nutberry from the Bizarre Jelly 5 Anime in Travis Strikes Again.

Travis Touchdown is shown to have a high degree of durability to a sort of cartoonish level, this allows for a ton of slapstick humor whenever Travis is in a fight. Travis is extremely resistant to firearms as mentioned above. He is also extremely resistant to poison as shown when he does not die and recovers quickly upon inhaling Cloe Walsh's mist of poison which is strong enough to melt concrete. In addition to that, Cloe is able to pin him down and kiss him, flooding his body with her corrosive poison. This causes Travis to spit out a ton of blood but it doesn't kill him. He is able to withstand all attacks that common enemies or bosses deal to him. He is able to withstand the devastating blades of a chainsaw, beam katanas, and the massive earthquake that Dr. Letz Shake created during his duel with him. In fact, he is able to withstand Jeane's punch through his chest and still stand on his two feet showing no signs of feeling pain, endure Bad Girl's barrage of hits when she's dying and even Alice Twilight's attack in which her scorpion tail stabs him through his hips and slams him down on the ground as well as any other special moves that assassins in Desperate Struggle use when they win a blade clash. He can survive getting pile-drived by Jasper Batt's super hero form that can punch with enough strength to created blasts of compressed air and even getting punched, shot and crushed by Jasper's giant 3rd from that casually slapped away the top layer of Pizza Batt Tower to get a good view of Travis inside of Batt's office. He even survived the explosion of prison island when he was a few meters away from it's epicenter stemming from Cloe Walsh's body. Travis can also withstand a Soviet orbital laser fired from a satellite. Travis can also pull himself away from the brink of death through sheer will about 9 times when the player shakes the controller in No More Heroes 2 after losing all of their health. Travis also survives the attacks of White Sheep man (Dr. Juvenile) who had full control over the worlds of the Death Drive. Her unavoidable Dendrobium ball attack is the strongest in the game but at max level Travis can tank it without dying. Travis at a max level of 20 has Tripled his attributes from the start of the game letting him easily stand up to the bosses in the Death Drive who are far stronger than any Assassin Travis has faced before. Bosses like Eight Hearts, Garcia Hotspur's gun who killed the lord of hell in Shadows of the Damned. 041b061a72


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