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[S3E3] Unfinished Business

While Liz claims she is here because she made a break in her research, Rosa (Amber Midthunder) thinks she still has unfinished business with Max. Liz doubles down though, claiming she is only here in hopes of recovering any of her research to stop Maria's (Heather Hemmens) brain from further decaying. She also swears she is done with Max because he broke her heart when he destroyed all of her research, despite him claiming to support her work.

[S3E3] Unfinished Business

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So much for easing into things. No one is ever going to accuse Taylor Sheridan (Wind River, Hell or High Water, Sicario) & John Linson's Yellowstone of not being able to pack a season's worth of drama into a two-episode premiere. Before we get to our preview for Season 5 Episode 3 "Tall Drink of Water," two big observations from the season opener. First, we're starting to realize that even his closest family members have no idea how far John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is willing to go to protect the family ranch. Sometimes, it can be the smallest or most unexpected thing that brings down someone in power. Like how a wolf GPS collar caught in a river branch could change the course of a lot of plans. In this weekend's episode, Beth (Kelly Reilly) heads to Salt Lake City for some unfinished business, while Jamie (Wes Bentley) looks to be walking into the middle of a trap. Meanwhile, Kayce (Luke Grimes) makes an important decision for his family, while Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) deals with mounting pressure from all sides. Now here's a look at the preview images that were released, along with a preview clip:

The crew is astounded by this turn of events, and even more puzzled as to why they remain in orbit over a dead planet. After approximately three hours, La Forge notices a change in sensor readings and informs the captain that the house and land are back. Picard orders Kevin and Rishon to be beamed directly to the bridge. Picard tells a surprised Rishon that he wants to end the suffering of one of his crew members and starts confronting Kevin over what really happened. Picard tells Kevin he realized that the house and the ship are his creations. When Picard last left the house he told them the Enterprise won't leave orbit as long as they would be alive, so Kevin went to satisfy that condition. Speaking to Rishon, Picard notes that all of his senses tell him that she exists, but he has realized that she is not real. Rishon vanishes, leaving only a sad Kevin. Picard tells him he knows he's not Human, he only appears as one. Kevin then teleports to the turbolift; Picard orders the crew to keep clear and to track him, as he believes Kevin to be a creature of conscience that has some unfinished business before returning to the surface. 041b061a72


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