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Dfa Red Ribbon Prc License Renewal For Nurses !!INSTALL!!

Hi! Good day! I would like to ask for help regarding dataflow of nurses interested to take HAAD. I have visited the website and find it too complicated. Aside from the waiting time to complete the process, its very costly. I dont know where to start. I actually had worked in KSA and already had my documents (TOR, College Diploma, Board certificate and Rating, and PRC license) redribbon last 2010? Can I still use them for dataflow or I have to renew them in DFA? About my PRC LIcense I already have a renewed one, should I go again to the PRC for authentication of the new license? What are other documents needed for redribbon? I have a good standing that came from KSA, do I have to provide a good standing coming from PRC? Sorry for questioning too much, I just dont want to repeat the whole process of dataflow if my documents are incomplete considering I need to take HAAD ASAP. Thank you!

Dfa Red Ribbon Prc License Renewal For Nurses

the best that you can ask real info is from the nurses who are already working in any of the government hospitals around the country, seldom you can find a nurse who works with a government hospital with no HAAD license, they will surely give you the full details w/ regard to your quiry..good luck....

hi. with the data flow for haad. its weird that the CAV, red ribbon documents have to be renewed since its supposed to be an authentification only. if the documents havent changed, it should still be valid as authenticated however our Philippine government is skewed in a way that our CAV and red ribbon has an expiry date. i am still not sure if you have to renew it. i had a friend who got her red ribbon last 2010, she did not renew it and went ahead and had it authenticated at the UAE embassy and submitted it to the data flow. its still ongoing. her documents have not been approved yet as of now. this was just a week ago though that she submitted.with the prc, yes you have to have a valid license at the time youre submitting your documents to the data flow. they also require a prc good standing for the data flow. i dont know if they will accept good standing from another country aside from where you got your license.

regarding the red ribbon, it should be considered, unless your license has expired you should do the authentication again. but the school documents it's really a stupidity to undertake another authentication. for what? another waste of time and money? that HAAD before has no data flow here in the Philippines.that data flow is being processed in UAE, you can directly take the exam here and then apply for agencies bound to UAE. but now, the rules changed, and how unlucky we belong to the time where everything seems complicated now.


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