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Endless Ocean Blue World Coins |BEST|

A small engraved heart, symbolising hope of a life filled with love, is discreetly concealed in the navy blue mosaic field, surprising the beholder. The hand-set diamonds add to the effect as a perfect complement to the coloured squares while an additional row of diamonds at the centre of the spinning ring sparkles like the surface of the ocean in the sun. With its contemporary and yet timeless look, the ENDLESS OCEAN ring is perfect for any occasion.

endless ocean blue world coins

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Abzû was probably the world I was most immersed in. The vivid color schemes each representative of the season and the areas in which you were exploring stood out beautifully. There were certain points in the game where the score would really pick up as you were having a special moment, whether it be swimming with a pod of orcas, joining a group of blue whales on a hunting dive, or reuniting with an old friend. The emotion you were meant to feel during these moments were amplified by the amazing soundtrack. The interactivity in this world was solid as well. The seaweed moves with you, the animals go about their business until interacted with; just details like that make a huge difference.

Upon searching, it was found that the casks last struck into the hold were perfectly sound, and that the leak must be further off. So, it being calm weather, they broke out deeper and deeper, disturbing the slumbers of the huge ground-tier butts; and from that black midnight sending those gigantic moles into the daylight above. So deep did they go; and so ancient, and corroded, and weedy the aspect of the lowermost puncheons, that you almost looked next for some mouldy cornerstone cask containing coins of Captain Noah, with copies of the posted placards, vainly warning the infatuated old world from the flood. Tierce after tierce, too, of water, and bread, and beef, and shooks of staves, and iron bundles of hoops, were hoisted out, till at last the piled decks were hard to get about; and the hollow hull echoed under foot, as if you were treading over empty catacombs, and reeled and rolled in the sea like an air-freighted demijohn. Top-heavy was the ship as a dinnerless student with all Aristotle in his head. Well was it that the Typhoons did not visit them then.

Fly over the crescent-shaped archipelago rising dramatically from the depths of the brilliant blue Aegean Sea, and you will know what the fuss is all about! The tragic volcanic eruption of 1650 B.C may have ruined one perfect world, but it also sculpted another paradise. Greece's showstopper (one of the most stunning Mediterranean islands) packs a punch into 76 square kilometres of a rugged, red-rocked landscape.


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