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50 Cent - Window Shopper (Official Music Video)

A second remix was released featuring Ma$e and Lloyd Banks. It was released in the mixtape: "Statik Selektah & G-Unit Radio -The Empire Strikes Back". This version has a different chorus sung by 50 Cent, instead of him saying "Ja you's a window shopper" he says "nigga you's a window shopper".

50 Cent - Window Shopper (Official Music Video)

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The visuals of this music video are fitting to the lyrics of the song and have an obvious match in the narrative, such as the relation to money and power which features in the music video and in the lyrics of the song. This is very beneficial for the audience as they get a better insight in the meaning of the song and his style of life.

The artist is shown as very fashionable and luxurious with all the expensive clothes and jewellery he is wearing but still wants to stay gangster with the style of cloths. This can be seen as he wears baggy trousers as well as wide tops which is very common in the hip-hop genre and makes him look that he stays connected to his roots and the streets of New York. So the costume worn in this music video does not convey the meaning and reputation about the artist.

In this music video there is the artist acting as well as support actors which help to tell the story and emphasise the narrative parts, such as the fans in front of the shop windows, the old man 50 Cent buys the cigar off, as well as the man he buys the yacht off at the end of the music video.

The shots are mostly mid or long shots to let the audience see what the artist is wearing and shows the audience that he is wealthy now due to the expensive looking cloths and chains as well as the fact 50 Cent is in Monaco. There are many close-ups in this music video such as when 50 Cent buys a Cohiba cigar off an older man there is a close up on the cigar to show and underline its size as well as to indicate that this is very expensive. There also are tracking shots when 50 cent is in his Maserati MC12 driving though Monaco and a camera probably mounted to the car in front films him. There also is a location establishing shot in the beginning of the music video where there are many different shots of Monaco to let the audience know where they are and that it looks very luxurious.

The target audience of 50 Cent varies immensely as it is so big, but the clothing style will be very similar to the costume worn by the artist 50 Cent in this video with the difference that this costume will be very expensive due to the jewellery and the leather jackets, as this is a very common hip hop style with baggy trousers and wide tops. The location will be very different as many fans of 50 Cent may not be able to afford Monaco in the way 50 Cent does as it is very expensive and many rich people live there and go on holidays which usually may not be fans but often are. The morals also are often the same as many people who are fans of 50 Cent and like his music also will somehow be motivated to get as rich as him as they see his videos and see what he can afford and often want the same and therefore the morals how to get to this end result may be very different. This influences the audience as this may motivate to want to achieve the same as the artist which now has a lot of money and can spend it on luxuries such as cars and jewellery.

"Window Shopper" is a single by rapper 50 Cent. It was released in November 2005 as the second single (in the U.S.) and first single (in the UK and Australia) from the Get Rich or Die Tryin' soundtrack released in 2005. It was later included on his 2005 album, The Massacre as a bonus track. It peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100, and had slightly more success in a couple other countries. The song was certified Gold by the RIAA.The music video is set in Monaco and is about how 50 Cent and friends are rich enough to buy overpriced items, such as $400 cheeseburgers, and a $1,500,000 Maserati MC12. It received a nomination at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Rap Video. There are two versions of the video: one which contains several clips from the film and one that doesn't and is the full version of the video. For example, the video either starts with footage from the film of Marcus looking through a window at shoes, or it starts with 50 Cent and Ma$e trying to understand what a French shoe salesman is saying.

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