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Tiny Gay Teens

Overall, new U.S. HIV infections have held steady at around 50,000 annually. About 12,000 are in teens and young adults, and most youth with HIV haven't been tested. More information: CDC report: Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

tiny gay teens

Not for Austin Hay. The Santa Rosa, California teen has been working for the last few years on a 130-square foot "tiny home" in his parents' back yard. He's been living in his new place for about a year and a half.

Betsy: Chris has a very difficult time dealing with his father. I'd say this is quite typical (I'm thinking of my two sons and their father. It wasn't/isn't as bad as the Chris/father scenario but there is lots of wariness related to being "judged".) I find this a very strong part of your book, especially the scene after Chris stays out all night with Swift and then he and his dad have the "breakfast talk". Do you think all parents and teens live on different planets?

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As for targeting youth, Helene Gayle, who oversees prevention programs for the CDC, preaches "the need to reach each generation of gay and bisexual men early--and sustain those efforts as they age." But Gayle's injunction runs counter to the new secretary of health and human services, Tommy Thompson. On June 5 Thompson advocated boosting the funding for "abstinence only" sex education. Funding for the programs bar schools that take it from responding to teens' queries about their actual sexual activity.

If the chill in the political climate makes frank sex education a pipe dream, gay-sensitive sex education, much less programs aimed at minority audiences, remains a mirage. Consequently, many AIDS educators rely on private sources, including foundations, nonprofit groups and progressive religious denominations to train parents, teens and twenty-somethings about safer sex. 041b061a72


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