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Where Can I Buy Suunto Watches ((FULL))

The Suunto 9 prices vary per model. Suunto 9 watches have a retail price of $329 USD, while Suunto Baro watches cost $499 USD. Special editions of Suunto Baro watches are also available, with the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium costing $599 USD and the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Ambassador Edition having a price of $749 USD.

where can i buy suunto watches

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3. The watches are stylish. Although their watches are remarkably functional timepieces, Suunto also makes sure to take aesthetics into account. Their stylish designs provide a clean, modern feel and are sure to spark interest wherever you go.

On the GPS side, it was mostly fine too. Both units disagreed about exactly where I was (consistently) on the garden perimeter loop, each time, but I suppose at least they were consistent in their disagreement.

I would like to see altimeter tests in your articles. For me as an alpinist altimeter accuracy is definitely more important thing then 90% of mostly unusable stuff with which sports watches are filled today. In the past I had Suunto Core , Garmin FR 935 and 945 and noticed that accuracy of barometric readings on new garmin watches are totally unreliable in compare to good old Suunto Core. I assume that quality of baro sensors is dropping despite the fact that prices for new watches are going up. I hope that new Suuntos are not going the same way then Garmin since I am planning to get this one.

BTW: I find it annoying that new smartwatches designs are still not squeezing the bezel and frame in order to make bigger screens (as happened in the smartphones area). I understand that they have many hardware to put inside and that big screens consume more battery but I think they can improve anyway. Currently there is more surface dedicated to bezel and frame than to screen itself.

Hello, I tried to import an old gps activity on suunto app but the ascent and descent field is 0 (it should be more than 1000mt / 1000mt). I have used strava, TP and Garmin connect but still the same problem. Has anyone had the same problem?

I will recieve my Peak this next week and want to know your thoughts about its wrist HR perfomanceI am suunto user since many years (ambit series almost all, spartan, 9, and 9 baro red and of course the core essential). I did test the wahoo rival and was surprised with the performance of the wrist HR , it was good.Thinking that almost all wrist sensors work similarly i find out that maybe the wahoo did perfome due to the design of the sensor with its form that help to a different type of contact with the skin.Thanks for your feedback and as soon as i receive my Peak will comment on it

Can anybody of you Suunto users tell me if it is possible to import route on watch during activity in progress. For example, if you want to change a route during your hike but wanted route is not on a watch. So you take a phone and draw a new route on a suunto app or strava route builder, save it, synchronize and start a route. If this is Garmin device, you need to stop recording, save activity and only then you can synchronize watch to start a new route. This way you have two activities you need to merge later on a computer which is very impractical. Is this the same with Suunto devices? What about Coros?

Suunto is a big name in the world of sports watches but not so much in the smartwatch world. The Finnish company produces wearables chiefly for outdoor enthusiasts and sports professionals looking for performance monitoring and onboard GPS smarts with lengthy battery life. Suunto watches are also known for their build quality.

Suunto Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures and markets sports watches, dive computers, compasses and precision instruments. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto employs more than 300 people worldwide, and its products are sold in over 100 countries. Although globally active, the headquarters is placed next to the factory, in which most of the work stages are still handcrafted. Suunto is a subsidiary of Amer Sports, owned since 2019 by the Chinese group Anta Sports,[1][2][3][4] with sister brands Wilson, Atomic, Sports Tracker, Salomon, Precor, Arc'teryx.

Suunto makes multi-function electronic wristwatches such as the Core, Ambit, Vector, X-Lander, and X10, which can provide a variety of functions including compass bearings, altitude, training effect and even GPS location, depending on model. Suunto's multi-function electronic sport watches are made for different sports like sailing, golfing, hiking, mountaineering, alpine skiing and training.

Although most of the sport watches are made in Finland, some of the products are made in China by another manufacturer. These include T-series excluding T6, M-series, Quest, Lumi, Core (excluding Alpha Stealth) and most of the PODs. Since the 2010s, Suunto has been successful in its efforts to reduce production in China and increase the share of Finnish manufacturing.[24]

When publishing Kailash, Suunto also introduced their new approach, separating branches: together with Essential and Elementum, Kailash is now forming a new branch called Suunto 7R, which is a collection of lifestyle watches, while watches for sports and performing present a separate category.[25]

On January 15, 2015, Suunto released Essential collection of premium watches. Functionally these resemble the Core but are made in Finland out of premium materials.[26] Finnish design and manufacture is emphasized, creating contrast with China-made Core.

Suunto also manufactures the Elementum series of premium handmade wristwatches with specialized functions for outdoor (Terra), water activities (Aqua) and sailing (Ventus, discontinued).

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I wonder what good options there are to getting an Ambit mounted well on a pack (while easily removable in camp)? Mountaineers/rock climbers must struggle with wrist mounted watches too? Just using the wrist strap on my shoulder strap causes a bouncy hard-to-reach annoyance, but maybe I need to experiment more.

Hi Andrew, thanks for your in-depth review.I still have an Ambit3 Peak but I limit its use to new routes in hiking or trail running. Movescount through the web is losing functionality, for example it does not calculate the height of a new route, and the Suunto app is oriented only to the new generation Suunto watches (not full compatible with Ambit3)

The Suunto 5 Peak is one of the lightest running watches around, but its real selling point is its suite of excellent mapping and navigation tools. It's a superb watch for exploring new routes and mixing up your training. Unfortunately, that light weight seems to come at the expense of battery life; in moderate use, the Suunto 5 Peak lasted just a week between charges, which is much less than we've come to expect from a GPS watch in this price band without a bright AMOLED display sapping its power.

Suunto goes against the grain here, and has equipped the 5 Peak with profiles for swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and even kitesurfing. We asked Suunto about this, and the company said that its expertise in making diving watches means you can safely submerge the watch to the full 30 meters in real world use.

However, as with the watch itself, mapping is where the Suunto app really excels. One of its best features is its ability to generate 3D heatmaps showing the most frequently used routes near you - whether your preferred activity is road running, trail running, road cycling, MTB, skiing, or even rollerskating (a handy way of identifying skate-friendly parks).

The Polar H10 is for sure not the lightest or slimmest heart rate monitor out there. The receiver is double the size of Suunto Smart sensor and the chest strap is also heavier. The Polar H10 is even heavier and bigger than the old Suunto Dual Comfort belt which is compatible with Suunto watches without Bluetooth such as Suunto Ambit 2.

After using several watches that would rattle around on my wrist and rub through my skin, I really needed a lightweight watch that would not bounce around. The Suunto 5 is nearly light enough to fade into the background while riding. After a year of riding, I have yet to have it rub my wrist the wrong way. It does wear a bit higher than most watches, but I have found much more accurate heart rate tracking the higher I wear it.

GPS performance was stellar and this is where the Suunto really shines. The Suunto 9 Peak Pro is compatible with all four Global Navigation Satellite Systems which are the United States based GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, and Chinese BeiDou as well as the regional Japanese QZSS. It can connect to up to 32 satellites at one time. To compare Coros uses all five as well; while Fitbit uses only GPS and GLONASS; with most Garmins using GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Coros and Garmin however offer dual frequency GPS on their higher end watches while the Suunto 9 Peak Pro is single frequency only. Single frequency is capable of 5m of accuracy while dual band allows cm level accuracy. You can read a more in depth explanation about frequencies here.

Greetings, for max speed the Suunto 9 Peak Pro uses what they call FusedSpeed which is a combination of GPS and wrist acceleration sensor readings for measuring your running speed more accurately. The GPS signal is adaptively filtered based on wrist acceleration, giving more accurate readings at steady running speeds and quicker responses to changes in speed. For the GPS accuracy rate Suunto uses the terms Best, Good, and Ok.Best: 1 sec fix rateGood: 60 sec fix rateOK: 120 sec fix rateBetween those intervals of course the watch is not receiving a GPS position and that is where the FusedSpeed helps with speed accuracy between GPS fixes. GPS accuracy and battery modes can be tailored for each exercise so you can customize to your needs. Hope that helps, Zack 041b061a72


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