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[S4E5] Til Death !!TOP!!

When Dandy Nichols died, the decision was taken to continue the series, as the ratings and audience appreciation had been excellent. By the first episode of series two, her character has died of natural causes. Left alone after all the other mourners have gone home, Alf, the belligerent old curmudgeon who always treated his wife appallingly, gently touches the handle of her (now empty) wheelchair and sobs "Silly old moo!". However, Alf quickly discovers his state pension has been cut (along with entitlement to other social security benefits) as a result of Else's death. The lyrics of the theme tune (performed by Chas and Dave) were changed to reflect this:

[S4E5] Til Death

So it won't be very long until I'm by her side Cos I'll probably starve to death that's what I'll doFor richer or for poorer - Bloody poorer that's a fact!That's 'cos in sickness and in health I said 'I doIn sickness and in health I said 'I do

When Magnum and Higgins are hired by an anxious groom to look into his bride-to-be on the eve of their wedding, what they think is a simple case of cold feet turns into a web of lies and a life-or-death situation for Higgins. Also, TC makes a touching decision on how to help Cade.

Villanelle's apparent death scene was also preceded by a long-overdue hug between herself and former handler Konstantin, and even saw her spot a miniature statue of Jesus in a shop window (a nod to the start of the season, when Villanelle had rather unconventional visions of Jesus).

The manner of her supposed death is also suitably unconventional (what assassin uses a bow and arrow nowadays?) and appropriately, she seemingly dies in Eve's arms, after Eve rushes from the car and cradles her.

Meanwhile, Norman is having a therapy session with Dr. Edwards and he says that he's taking responsibility for his actions and asks about his blackouts. When he says he and Norma have a close mother-son bond, Dr. Edwards is suspicious as Norman explains that the reason for their closeness is because of his father's death.and they only had each other after that. Dr. Edwards realizes that Norman's problem is Norma. As he's leaving the office, he asks if he can call Emma but in reality he phones Norma to tell her that he is working really hard at getting better. Later, Dr. Edwards receives a call from the police telling him that Norman's accusations were not grounded in reality and he says that Norman admitted the truth.

"Street Spirit (Fade Out)" - Radiohead: The Handmaid's Tale season 4, episode 3 comes to a close with Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade Out)," which plays as June attacks Aunt Lydia in the van and the Handmaids make their latest getaway attempt. The song continues through the slow-motion run, culminating in the deaths of several Handmaids while June and Janine escape. The song speaks to being caught inside a machine, of death, and of love - while Radiohead's version is about capitalism, it isn't hard to apply it to June's fate in Gilead.

Following the death and funeral of Bannen, as tensions between Craster and the brothers of the Watch run higher, Karl insults Craster - calling him "a daughter-fucking wildling bastard" - after the wildling demands the Watch to leave his hall and threatens to kill anyone who insults him. Craster charges against Karl with an axe but the black brother easily kills him by quickly closing the distance between them, blocking Craster's attack by grabbing the wrist of his weapon hand, and stabbing him in the throat with a dagger. Lord Commander Mormont threatens to have Karl executed for this, until Rast stabs Mormont in the back, visibly shocking everyone present. A brutal fight ensues among the black brothers. Grenn charges at Karl, who is reluctant to kill his fellow brother and ends up tackled by him.[5]

Karl's is presumably a reworking of Biter's death in A Feast for Crows. In the TV series Karl is impaled through the back of the head with Longclaw by Jon Snow to save Craster's wife and the blade comes out through his mouth, while in the books Biter is impaled through the back of the head with a spear by Gendry to save Brienne and the blade comes out through his mouth.

When a Pennsylvania man checks into a hospital for leg pain and later dies of thallium poisoning, police investigate his wife and find her in the process of collecting an insurance payment for her previous husband's death. Air Date : 10th-Nov-1999 Read More

Lori Keidel, her two sisters and her brother were left home alone while their father went to a nearby laundromat. Suddenly, a large fire engulfed their brick ranch home. Only a few months earlier, the children's mother had disappeared and made no effort to contact them. Lori found the courage to tell police that she had witnessed her own mother's death. Air Date : 15th-Dec-1999 Read More

Edward Post left the Omni Hotel and went for a forty minute run. Before leaving, he said that he drew a bath for his wife. When he returned, he found her in the bathtub, not breathing. She was dead by the time emergency response arrived. Police considered accidental death, until they discovered that Ed had a large life insurance policy on Julie. Air Date : 29th-Dec-1999 Read More

For the first time, Food Network and host Guy Fieri gather 32 of the world's greatest chefs for the most-intense culinary competition ever held. Emotions run high in the single-elimination, sudden-death bracket tournament as the competitors face off in head-to-head battles to stay alive. As the pressure mounts, shocking surprises unfold both inside and outside the arena. All the chefs have the talent and skill to walk away with the ultimate championship title in food, but only one will win the Tournament of Champions. 041b061a72


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