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Knife Strife Insta Kill [VERIFIED]

The Strife's operator mod gives insta-kill till round 4 and the Bowie Knife allows insta-kills up to round 10. If you put the two still only get insta-kill up to round 4. Not sure why but if you have the Strife equipped and buy the Bowie Knife, the damage of the stiletto knife will be used still. Note: If you swap weapons, the Bowie Knife functions as normal.

Knife Strife Insta Kill


Instant Death (即死, Sokushi?), also called Sudden Death, Death, Fatal, Swoon, Dead, KO, Fell, Dispatch, and Stun, refers to an attack that immediately kills its victim regardless of what HP they have remaining. Instant death attacks are recurrent throughout the series; several bosses, including final bosses, are known to use instant death moves, and some summons, such as Odin and Yojimbo, can also kill instantly. Instant death spells generally do not work on bosses, however, exceptions do exist.

As with the use of curative and resurrection spells, such as Raise, instant death's effect is often reversed for the undead. In some games, using an instant death ability on the undead will fully heal it in the same way that using Raise would kill it, though there are some exceptions, such as the undead in Final Fantasy XII.

The player gains access to sudden death moves with the Death spell, the Ranger's Smashing Blow (25% chance), Monk's Ghost Army and the Bandit's Deadly Blow attack. The Party Host's Pot Luck command has a random chance of executing Sudden Death that kills all opponents instantly.

The fired projectile, if it hits a target, deals a flat 250 damage, regardless of range to the target, killing the target instantly. The fired projectile has no body multipliers, leaving no reason to aim for the head other than for challenge or humiliating enemies.

The Ballistic Knife also appears in the Wager Match modes Gun Game, Sharpshooter, and Sticks and Stones. In Gun Game, it is used as tier 20 and the final weapon to be used. In order to win, the final kill must be made by firing the knife, not by stabbing with it. In Sticks and Stones, the Ballistic Knife is used as the secondary weapon and cannot be replaced.

The Ballistic Knife is available through the Mystery Box for 950 points. The player is able to pick up knives after being stuck into zombies plus it allows for faster knifing and movement speed, as well as more damage per stab (one stab up to about round five without the Sickle or Bowie Knife). Although the Ballistic Knife has a much higher stabbing strength in Zombies, most players think this weapon is not useful due to its low ammo count, rate of fire, and damage. However, if there are multiple players in the game, the Ballistic Knife is a good secondary weapon, as when Pack-a-Punched via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it can be very effective even at later rounds, in case the player's teammates are often down (more details on the Pack-a-Punched version below). If the Bowie Knife or Sickle is purchased, it will replace the regular melee knife when wielding the Ballistic Knife. This combination will be a one-hit kill to regular zombies up until round 10, a one-hit kill to Crawler Zombies up until round 13, and a one-hit kill to a Hellhounds until the third hellhound round. Even after, it is no longer able to instantly kill in one hit, it remains two hits up to almost round 20, and can still be just as lethal if in the right hands. The Ballistic Knife is very effective at making lots of points, due to its faster and more lethal knife attack. Therefore, (for the average player not skilled at running/knifing) if the player obtains the weapon at rounds four to ten, it is advised to use it with the combination of the Bowie Knife or a Sickle to make thousands of points. Once it loses its ability to kill with one knife attack, it should be upgraded and used until round 14. Even after round 14, it can kill the Crawler Zombies until round 16 with one stab. The user will also pull out the Ballistic Knife while downed instead of the usual pistol.

The Ballistic Knife can be obtained from the Mystery Box for 950 points and resues its model from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Melee is a one hit kill until round 4, round 9 with the Bowie Knife, and headshots are a one hit kill until round 7. Due to its melee-enhancing ability, it is a good early-game choice for earning points, making the player less vulnerable when attacking zombies while also being more productive. The Ballistic Knife is less reliant on a Max Ammo than other weapons as ammunition can be retrieved after being shot, and the Ballistic Knife will always have its melee performance-increasing advantage regardless of ammo. Double Tap Root Beer will not increase the amount of damage a fired knife has.

When upgraded, it will become the The Krauss Refibrillator. The Krauss Refibrillator's instant revival ability conflicts with the abilities of Tombstone Soda and Who's Who, making it a questionable weapon to use in combination with those two perks. It is available in all maps excluding Mob of the Dead and Origins. Melee is a one hit kill until round 9, round 13 with the Bowie Knife, and headshots are effective until round 28. Compared to the Galvaknuckles, the Krauss Refribrillator with Bowie Knife costs more in addition to the time and luck required of the Mystery Box but has faster melee from being an equipped weapon.

On Die Rise, the Ballistic knife is required for the Maxis side of the High Maintenance Easter Egg. During one of the steps, players have to Pack-a-Punch the weapon, and shoot its projectile in the Buddha room, after zombies were killed in the room. Maxis hints towards the weapon saying "Reincarnation is key", pointing towards the Krauss Refibrillator's ability to revive players. Maxis will react to the players Pack-a-Punching the Ballistic knife, as well as when the step is completed, saying the energy of the broken souls was released.

A knife is an embarassing backstab, located deep behind enemy lines, to demonstrate just how much better you are at a particular shooter than your helpless prey. A knife is an aesthetic signifier, letting the rest of the party in an RPG understand that you'll be the one skulking around in the shadows scoring crits with each ambush. A knife is a backup hail mary when the durability bar reaches zero. A knife is the moment a Street Fighter match against Cody gets serious. A knife is the weapon you only see in cutaway stealth-kill animations, as Ezio or Talion demonstrate the many ways to remove a brain from a body.

Have you ever wanted to stalk a bunch of idiot high schoolers through a pitch-dark forest? Well, you should maybe talk to a professional about that. But in the meantime, get your kicks in Dead By Daylight, which lets you track down your friends as the unstoppable killing machine Michael Myers, armed with nothing more than his trademark kitchen knife. Dead By Daylight's horror multiplayer sure did cash in on some base cultural pleasures.

It's the coveted blade of the Dark Brotherhood, and its Daedric Banishing magic gives you a small chance (based on your Luck) of instantly killing your target and sucking out their souls. It even tracks how many souls you've stolen as a grim reminder of what an unrepentant killer you are. Even when it doesn't banish it does good damage, has a disintegrate armor effect, and has a slightly longer reach than any other dagger in Oblivion. Plus, it's just a sweet-lookin' knife.

The Anarchy Blade is a craftable Hardmode broadsword that auto-swings. Striking an enemy will release red particles and inflict the Brimstone Flames debuff. 10% of the user's missing health is added to the base damage of this sword. If the user is below 50% health, every swing has a 20% chance to instantly kill any non-boss enemy.

If players decide to recruit the summon Odin to their cause, who can appear for an instant kill, during the second fight with Seifer, Odin will attempt to instakill him, and Seifer will actually cut Odin clean in half, killing him instantly.

The truth is far simpler -- like all born predators, Lelith prefers to fight up close. The use of combat drugs is for the weak, for they corrupt the perception of the instant when the killing strike hits home and the dying's lifeblood flows forth. 041b061a72


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