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How to monetize SoundCloud?

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a space dedicated to emerging musicians in order to facilitate them a digital platform where they can promote their music.

SoundCloud is a music streaming and promotion platform

It should be noted that, in recent years, SoundCloud not only hosts music on its platform, but many content creators use the advantages of this social network to promote, for example, podcasts.

As SoundCloud describes its own app, “SoundCloud empowers the world’s audio creators with the best tools, services and resources to build and grow their careers.”

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Can you monetize SoundCloud for free?

Yes, you can monetize music on SoundCloud for free, which we will explain later. Still, one of SoundCloud’s standout features is that there are subscriptions for artists.

These subscriptions offer different services and advantages to artists and some of them have to do with monetization.

Thus, the types of subscription on SoundCloud are:

1. SoundCloud Basic

As you can imagine, this is the free version of SoundCloud. This subscription allows you to upload up to 3 hours of music content, store your music in the highest quality within the platform and access basic statistics of your performance.

2. Repost by SoundCloud

With this option you will have the possibility to distribute your music in the main DSPs, access to a large number of music promotion tools and, in addition, services that will assist you in monetizing your content and sharing it with your collaborators in case there are any.

With Repost by SoundCloud you will be able to distribute your music to other DSPs

3. SoundCloud Pro

Having this subscription will allow you to upload up to 6 hours of content, highlight the songs you are most interested in and modify the reproduction order of your music. On the other hand, you will be able to activate what is known as Quiet Mode, a tool to see and manage the comments and statistics of your creations.

4. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

Pro Unlimited is the most expensive version within the platform. It will allow you to have access to the functionalities already mentioned in the other levels. But, also, you will be able to upload unlimited music content, replace your tracks without losing statistics and access more technical and advanced performance analysis.

Did you know that you can also upload your music directly to Apple Music? Check out how to make money with your music on Apple Music to learn more.

Get an artist profile on SoundCloud

Before start explaining how to monetize SoundCloud, we recommend that you don’t forget to apply for an artist profile.

The requirements to apply are as follows:

Have a profile picture

Have a biography

Have at least one published song

Not violate SoundCloud's terms of service

When you ensure that you meet all the requirements, go from a computer to your SoundCloud profile and then select “settings”. If you meet the requirements, the option to “request verification” will appear, which is how an artist channel is identified on the platform.

If you feel that your response takes a while to arrive, don’t despair. SoundCloud can take between a week and a month to process your request for an artist profile.

Apply for your artist profile on SoundCloud to get a verified account

If you’d like to know a little more about how royalties work to better understand how payments are done on SoundCloud, you can always read the first part of our guide on royalties and how to make money with your music.

How to monetize music on SoundCloud?

Surprisingly, this is one of the most common questions you may encounter on the Internet, as the platform only added payment methods relatively recently.

To make money with SoundCloud you have to participate in some monetization method. These methods are based on listeners’ subscriptions and advertisements.

1. How to monetize music on SoundCloud?

In SoundCloud you will be able to monetize your music song by song, being independent of each other.

To do this, go to the “monetization” tab when you add the audio file data. When you activate it, you will be asked for the metadata necessary to receive your royalties, don’t forget the ISRC code!

2. Fan-powered royalties

Another way to earn money with SoundCloud is a royalty payment method created by the platform itself and known as “fan-powered royalties”.

These royalties are paid according to the amount of time fans listen to each artist. In other words, the more fans listen to your creations on the platform, the more revenue you will receive.

The more fans that listen to your music, the more benefits you will receive

By doing so, SoundCloud wants to support emerging artists as this way of paying royalties is more equitable and fair for those industry professionals who want to monetize on SoundCloud.

Fan-powered royalty payments depend on:

How many ads the fan has listened to

How much the fan listens to a particular artist in regard to total listening time in a given month

If the fan is subscribed to SoundCloud Go+

Before we continue, we offer you to take a look at how to make money with your music on TikTok in case you are interested in discovering how royalties are paid on some social networks.

How do you qualify for monetization on SoundCloud?

There are other monetization methods depending on the artist’s subscription. For this, one of these requirements must be met:

· Have a Pro Unlimited subscription and participate in the SoundCloud Premier Program

· Be a subscriber through Repost by SoundCloud

· Repost Select members

1. SoundCloud Premier

By having a Pro Unlimited subscription, artists will be able to get the benefits of this monetization program. In this case, no application is required.

On the contrary, when you are eligible to participate in this monetization program, a notification will appear in your profile for you to sign the royalty payment agreement.

2. Repost by SoundCloud

We have previously mentioned Repost by SoundCloud as a subscription for artists on SoundCloud.

Even so, the platform also mentions that with this subscription both artists and record labels can distribute music, get more followers and earn revenue with their works on SoundCloud and other platforms.

Therefore, they add that “for any of the functions related to distribution or monetization, you keep 80% of the revenue.”

To better understand how the division of payments into royalties works, we recommend you to read the second part of our guide on how to make money with your music: royalties.

3. Repost Select

This is arguably the highest level for artists within the platform. In order to enjoy Repost Select to monetize on SoundCloud, you must be a selected subscriber of Repost by SoundCloud.

Access to Repost Select is by invitation

If they send you an invitation that you have been admitted:

· You will get access to exclusive tools to promote and monetize your music

· You will have professional support in both marketing and music promotion for your releases on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms

· You will have music pitching opportunities in the most outstanding playlists of the main radio stations and DSPs

· You will be able to analyze and consult your strategies with an internal SoundCloud account manager, who has a great experience in the music industry and will help you develop your career


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